Bloodline is "Faith, Family, Friends, And The Outdoors"!

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Kansas is known for Big Whitetail Deer, and it is also the Home of BLOODLINE OUTDOORS. If you would like the opportunity to hunt in the Land of the Giants, book now with KNS OUTFITTERS.

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"The purpose for founding Bloodline Outdoors is to bring a Faith, Family, and Friends based Outdoor show that captures the Cultures, Traditions, and storylines of our hunts as Kaleb, Shane, and The Bloodline Team travel across America, not only hunting and fishing but also sharing their Faith, and their knowledge of the Outdoors that represents the Bloodline Outdoors Family of Partners in a professional way, while inspiring others to be good American Outdoors Men and Women. It is our passion to introduce Kids and New Hunters to the heritage and traditions of hunting, we also feel it is our responsibility to make sure to take the opportunity to share the blind or treestand with Handicap Hunters and our Military Men and Women who have dedicated their time in service to allow us the great privileges that we are Blessed with in the Outdoor Industry.  


​BLOODLINE OUTDOORS​ was founded on "Faith, Family, Friends, and the Outdoors". The Owners of Bloodline Outdoors are determined that no matter how much times change that these principles never do. Come on and get to know them a little better.